Track Record

Recently Executed Mandates

March 2017
$ million Unsecured Long Term Financing Facility

February 2017
million restructuring of multi-originator SME ABS

November 2016
m Senior Development Financing

July 2016
m Volta Electricity
Receivables Securitisation

June 2016
$ m Joint Venture for Shipping
Vessel Acquisition

May 2016
210.7 m Prime Italian RMBS
restructuring and monetisation

April 2016
CHF m Auto Lease ABS
CHF m Auto Lease ABS

January 2016
Italian SME ABS
restructure and monetisation

November 2015
CHF m Auto
Lease ABS

October 2015
$ m Residential
System Cost Financing

September 2015
£ 1.6 bn Second Lien portfolio

July 2015
m Portuguese SME ABS

June 2015
£ m Recapitalisation of
Serviced Apartments Owner

March 2015
Volta III € m
Tariff Deficit

Selected Transactions

$ million
New Issue
$ million
Broadly Syndicated Loan CLO
$ 3.8billion
AUM CLO Manager Acquisition
1.4 billion AUM CLO
Management Contract Disposition
Sale of Tranquilidade to
Funds Managed by
Apollo Management
$ million Overriding Royalty Interest Financing
$ million Reopening
Advised on Valuation of Complex Assets
Synthetic Risk Advisory
$ 1 billion AUM
Investment Firm
$ million Corporate Equity
$ million Tax Equity
$ 100 million
Capital Raise

Residential System Cost

$ million Capital Raise

US Placement of Colombian Consumer Payroll Deduction Loans

Sale of LUKOIL Oversea's Equity Interest in Condor Block,Colombia

$ billion RMBS Portfolio Valuation and Advisory
£ million Index-linked
Multi-tranche Class A

£ million Fixed Rate
Class B Bond(Junior)

Disposal of £ 1.6 billion Second Lien portfolio

Over £ million
UK PFI Portfolio
Synthetic Risk Transfer

million AUM CLO
Management Contract Acquisition

Strategic Joint Venture

$ million Private Tender and Buyback of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Securities

£ million Disposal of UK Non-Conforming Mortgages
€ 1.2 billion Electricity Receivables Securitizaion € 500 millionTariff Deficit Receivables Securitization Disposal of € 229Electricity Receivables
1.7 billion Securitization of SME Loans and Current Accounts
Consumer and Auto NPL
3.75% 7-year Senior
Unsecured Notes
Structured Interest Rate
Derivatives Portfolio
Leasing Portfolio RWA Reduction
NPL Disposal
$ 40 millionLoan Plus Warrant
US $50 millionRedeemable Preferred Shares
RMB 150 millionPRC Bank Loan
$ million
Financing Backed by Shares

Disposal of UK Secured
Loan Portfolio
structured credit portfolio advisory
$ 4.5 billion
Debt Restructuring Advisory
Placement of
Tariff Deficit Bonds
£ million
Inflation-linked UK PFI Portfolio
Follow-up Advisory on the Inflation-linked UK PFI Portfolio

Financial Advisory Services - Bank Funding and Capital Adequacy
Portfolio of SME Revolving Credit Facilities
2.4 billion
Balance Sheet Hedging and Capital Relief Transaction
Calculation of CVA Reserves on a € billion
Vanilla and Exotic Swap
and Option Portfolio
Valuation and Renegotiation of € billion
Notional Swap
Counterparty Collateral Agreements
Valuation and Unwind of € million
Notional Structured Derivatives Portfolio
Disposal of European CMBS Portfolio
Equivalent Refinancing of a Swedish Multifamily Portfolio
Restructuring and Refinancing of Greek Resort
AUD $ million
Loan Secondary Placement
210.7 million
Prime Italian RMBS restructure and monetisation

Equity Financing
$ million
Senior Secured Facility
$ million
Mezzanine Loan Financing
$ million
Acquisition Financing
$ 26.3 million
Private Equity Financing
restructuring of multi-originator SME ABS

Advisory on Disposal/Monetization Options for Islandsbanki
$ million
Equity Financing
Synthetic Capital Relief Transaction on SME Pool
$ million
Unsecured Loan Private Placement
Securitizaion of € billion
Residential Mortgage Loans

SME CLO Platform
Structuring and Financing
ABS Placement of Consumer and Auto Loans
$ million
CLO Management Contract Acquisition
European CLO Management Contract Acquisition
Management Contract Disposition
$ 12.5 million
Sell-Side Advisory