Products and Services

Scope of Business

Sales & Trading
Sales and trading of structured credit products, securitized products, etc.
Advisory services for asset portfolio and balance sheet opimisation
(equity finance, debt finance, foreign exchange and interest rate advisory, M&A advisory)
Capital Markets
Arrangement of capital raising for companies, projects and real estate
Fund Placement
Structuring and Management of hedge funds and real estate funds
Advisory services for fund origination
Infrastructure & Energy
Arrangement of capital raising for infrastructure and energy related businesses
Advisory services for projects
Management of energy funds and infrastructure funds

Core business in Japan

Client Solutions

  • "Providing solutions to our clients’ management challenges"
  • Client Solutions team plays a critical role in increasing corporate value of our diverse set of clients by providing thought-provoking advice based on multiple perspectives leveraging our strong expertise and vast experience in the financial and capital markets and robust global network.
  • Our greatest task is to commit to our clients sincere and polished solutions by grasping sophisticated and complex clients’ needs such as debt and equity financing, market and credit risk hedging, asset portfolio allocation and M&A strategy.

Financial Solutions and Executions

  • Working closely with our local coverage team and product partners around the world, we deliver high valued-added services through its execution that includes investment in cross-border capital markets transactions capital raising, analytics & advisory, fund placement, disposition of complex overseas portfolio and risk asset reduction transactions.
  • Highly talented and experienced specialists in domestic real estate finance provide advisory, structuring and execution services for debt and equity products associated with domestic commercial real estate (office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, residential buildings, logistics facilities, etc.)
  • We also execute transactions in subordinated bonds, structured bonds and other securitised products (CLO/ABS/MBS/CMBS) through our trading operations for domestic and overseas bonds.

Global Business Line


Capital Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Structuring
  • Capital Raising
    Secured Funding
  • Risk Transfer/Retention
  • Securitisation
  • Balance Sheet
  • M&A Advisory
  • Sales
  • Trading
  • Client Solutions

Regional Business Line

Europe・Middle East・Africa

  • Sales&Trading
  • Advisory for Financial Institutions and
    Government Agencies
  • Structured Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Shipping・Aircraft Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Media (Movie) Finance
  • M&A Advisory


  • Sales&Trading
  • Fund Placement
  • Infrastructure・Renewable Energy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Market Risk Advisory
  • Dept and Egnity Finance
  • M&A Advisory


  • Sales&Trading
  • Advisory for Financial Institutions
  • CLO Structuring
  • Infrastructure・Renewable Energy
  • Oil・Gas・Mining
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Media (Movie) Finance